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How To Test Fuel Injectors At Home

April 24, 2022

Steps to inspect fuel spray:


1.Take the cover off the air cleaner housing

2.Ask someone to start the engine (or crank if it does not start)

3.Inspect the spray pattern that comes out of the injector

It will be normal if you observe fuel coming out partially atomized in an inverted V pattern. On the other hand, if you see a solid, single spray or irregular pattern, it means your injector is dirty or an internal component broke or wore out.


Adding a high-quality cleaning fuel system additive to the fuel tank is an effective way to fix a dirty injector. Or you can bring your vehicle to a garage and ask them to clean the system.

However, if you don’t observe fuel coming out, there might be some causes for this:


1.Fuel filter clogged

2.Bad fuel pressure regulator

3.Injector not receiving power

4.Bad injector

5.Blocked fuel injector

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