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The fuel injectors produced by our company must be sampled and tested after the production is completed, and they can only be sold after passing the test. The following are our test requirements.

On the tester, when the fuel injection pressure is within the standard range, turn the handle at a speed of 60-70 times/min to make the fuel injector spray, and the spray quality should meet the following requirements:


①The sprayed fuel should be in the form of a fine and uniform mist, without obvious oil droplets and oil flow, and unevenness of concentration.

②The sprayed oil beam has the same range.

③The jet of oil continues continuously.

④The oil is cut off simply, and the fuel injection should be accompanied by a crisp "hiss, hiss" sound.

⑤ Before and after spraying, oil dripping is not allowed. After multiple spraying, the vicinity of the spray hole should be dry or slightly wet.

⑥ For the symmetrical multi-hole injector, the spray shape and angle of each nozzle should be uniform and similar, and there should be no oil beam shape bias and uneven size.


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